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Calling in Our Kin

We seek spiritual community on Earth for reasons that are deepening in complexity. Kindred humans are so precious that in their absence, loneliness increases exponentially. Awakening humanity longs for the ancient feelings of belonging that we remember. We remember.

For every one of us here, inner knowing states that there are also kin inhabiting the stellar realms. This morning I was reminded that these stellar-realms beings offer access to guidance. The caveat, one of the few things I still believe, is that we must ask for this guidance. How do we permit this communication its right place when we can not trust what the intuitive self remembers through its rich cosmic ancestry, or issues of worth shut down our direct connection? How much whole-hearted connection is lost because of doubt?

Please read these next lines slowly, and notice your immediate experience. This is my knowing: Our heart's inner sanctum responds to truth. Knowing, feeling, seeing, and hearing express the language of the heart. We don't have to be humanly perfect to be heard, to offer our need to each other and to our stellar kin. Calling in our kin is a long awaited return journey. Our cosmic spiritual community has held space for this journey. At this time, we are the wild card from which the legends originate. My sense is that our very continuation as the original paradise consciousness may depend upon this magnitude of recognition: that we belong to the earth emissaries, and that we emerge as prototype humanity, now. Contained within are both the design and the memories. To call in our kin is to make life real as we ancients once did, as we now are called to do. May it be done on behalf of Love, exalted.

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16 oct 2023

This is so soulfully brilliant, it sings and rings my tunes. I also feel that there is a very real need for connection between us all who can be found, and to weave a tight fabric of connection which we can use as our collective mantle of affirmation of this existence of this "Paradise Consciousness". I am up for connections.

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Janet Nielsen
Janet Nielsen
10 oct 2023
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Wow. This strikes home in a way that I can trust. Thank you, Iris.

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