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We endeavor to make sense of this world. I hear, the way through is to slow down. I rage and quake at the guidance, as if that would require more than is humanly possible. It feels that way. The obvious retort from Source, if Source actually retorts: how well is it all working out for you at the moment? Not that great? Bewilderment spreads like a fog-enshrouded field. In Iris-speak, bewilderment is the mind's inability to control reality to enforce a fake well-being for its human. When the old reality is fog bound in our consciousness, my hope is that the new reality is simply not quite yet capable of acknowledgement. Source-field may require a temporary mental hands-off of its new creation matrix.

I find shifting realities to be an enormous undertaking. I didn't anticipate it would be THIS enormous. Perhaps bewilderment also serves the purpose of keeping human overwhelm at a dull roar while our souls orchestrate the future beyond current memory. Those of us with living access to ancient wisdom would do just about anything to restore the lost matrices of paradise. Bewilderment is a prelude to that restoration. We each have a register for what lives just beyond the veil of the old Earth. I think the contrast of what we see occurring now with what we are here to remember is too big to take on consciously. A little bewilderment might be needed to recognize what comes.

Slowing down helps us see.........

So much love.

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Janet Nielsen
Janet Nielsen
May 22
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

I've commented but don't see it so I'll try again. I'm in a bewildered , foggy fatigue.

Iris Krstanovich
Iris Krstanovich
Jun 13
Replying to

So sorry for the challenge of responding and then not being able to locate your response. I see it here, and I am bewildered as to how to make it easier!!!

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