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Belle and I facetimed today. It was my first connection with her. The main reason we connected was to see if Belle wanted a donkey friend. I took one look at her and landed in her world with an open-hearted thud. She absorbed me into her realm as if there were no other reality. And, for those minutes, it was true. She seemed more than just aware of her surroundings in present time. She seemed aware of everything. She radiated bliss. She said in donkeyspeak, 'I am in bliss. I have everything I need. I have a job. I love my person. She is my purpose.' And her person, Wind, gets to hug her as long as she wants and Belle absorbs that, too. Belle bonded with Wind so quickly that she suggested there isn't a need for a companion donkey. A less complicated reality means clear focus for Belle. Hay. Grain. Trips into town. Hugs. Eyeball to eyeball with Iris. She was gracious enough to permit me to inner-gaze at a hoof that seemed to be causing some tenderness. She was gracious enough to let me know that she is Home with Wind. I'm not sure how to describe the way Home was transmitted. If you were to enter her gaze, you would just know.

In the months ahead there are amazing wilderness journeys intended for the two. From loss to the tender re-entries of life, the wheel turns.

so much love.

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