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Being the Self

There are memories of phrases or quotes that keep us going. Sometimes these words act as echo-locational devices, pointing to truth, both absolute and personal. Sometimes we discard what has served, but then there are those words that end up on our refrigerators for decades, or survive move after move and remain intact because they are alive: sacred and powerful enough to grow in us, and grow us. This is one such quote which has accompanied me from Ramana Maharshi: "Be the Self. There will be no second thing to cause fear."

I sit, staring at the words. They return me to non-dual awareness. Be the Self. I gather my inner children and adults and point to Home. I tell them I am sorry for all of our sleepless nights and their calls for help that I could not attend to. Losing our way is part of the high strangeness of being an earth human. Finding our way returns us to the Self. Gloria in excelsis deo. Remembering universal currents in human form, may we rejoice.

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Janet Nielsen
Janet Nielsen
May 09, 2022

I love the apology for not being able to attend to all their calls for help. It says I can be gentle with the self. Thank you for these words today.

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