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Beautiful Minds

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

Our beautiful minds. They are working so hard in an effort to keep us entrained to all that has conditioned the old earth. The awakening of countless beings who incarnated JUST FOR THESE TIMES can create the appearance of a pitched struggle between the mind and the heart, individually and collectively. Making our way into a stationed 5th dimensional heart causes the mind to sound its unique expression of a battle cry. What does your mind say to you about what your heart is longing for, moving toward? The mind will pull from the vocabulary it learned to describe its life as conditioned beings. Can you see the mental looping possible? Can you see right through the mind's limited expression of what we were told is true about ourselves? Then add the call to awaken, and we have a mind that begins its efforts to keep us 'safe, sound and secure'. All lower chakra expressions of how we have been enculturated.

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