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At the Edge of Light

There seem to be numerous edges to awakening. Approaching an edge, the mind demands to be included, insisting it knows what this borderland is about. Only it can't fathom this territory because our minds are formatted in linear time. The mind can plan, analyze and follow old-Earth time sequences, but it appears unable to reflectively contribute to an internal soul-orchestrated process. Today I write about what might occur when the awakening process reaches an edge of light. Sometimes the body undergoes rapid adjustments to accommodate weeks, months and years of light as it pours in from our galactic center and beyond. We know that this light process accelerates, yet the mind can only continue to respond via its patterning. And we all know what occurs when our minds hit that wall where it can not comprehend what occurs. We each have our own reactive version, our own means of sounding alarms. Minds generally do not approve of the unknown unless we find ways to include them there.

When we find ourselves yet again at the edge of light, it might be 'time' to trust and surrender into what we have dimly remembered: we really did incarnate to awaken en masse, and we have been prepared and trained to release into these profound moments of change: to breathe and let go into these thresholds. I see trust as the barrel that takes us over the falls, graduating in intensity. At times we usher in new aspects of Source just this way, even as we are sculpted by Source. In this we are our own labor of Divine Love.

In my own world, the edges of light are times when the soul wishes to embody and must first clear density. This clearing might be experienced as mentally confusing, emotionally threatening, and physically symptomatic of 'illness'. Sometimes an illness does manifest at that edge in order to clear cellular memory to make room for incoming frequencies. Sometimes what looks like an illness is the body shedding its collectively-held boundaries in order to allow for extreme moments of expansion (read: crisis). While it appears to be intensely personal in the moment, I trust that it is an offering to the collective awakening.

I find it helpful to write about this. With a mind that worries, frets and fears, it is a kindness to tell it there are other ways to move within this most amazing life....that it has very aware helpers. I refer here to direct perception. I inner-see the mind working less and continuing to be very helpful in more concentrated ways. I can sense its relief.

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