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Alchemy of Thought

Many of us remember inhabiting a reality described as Paradise. Most likely more amorphous and non-linear, our thoughts may have delighted us and created reality quickly, or possibly instantaneously, without a time construct in place. I suspect an aberration occurred. Some of us remember this, too. What is in place now is unrecognizable to those who were here before, and most likely to those new to Earth but retaining an old soul consciousness.

As we work to restore these lost matrices, what do we have to offer the parts of us exhausted and frustrated by relentless thoughts and emotional responses? I've noticed in my own world that those responses are more extreme: frustration, despair, confusion. I suspect that this ramping up of the emotional body runs alongside with thought because an era is ending and the ego is furiously running survival programs. When alert to the feelings that point to harmful thought, I offer loving compassion as alchemy. For myself, dissolution and refinement feel more gentle than the transmutational practices of my past. The love that we are offers itself to the decay of an old way of life. I want an honorable and dignified witnessing light to midwife this death. Since I Am that light, brought from Paradise and before, my human has somewhere to rest, someOne to hold to.

I write and offer these words should there be a need for comfort today, and a growing need to remember.

So much love.

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Janet Nielsen
Janet Nielsen
29 de set. de 2023
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I'm glad I saw this early in the day! Thank you, Iris. 💜

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