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The Return of Old-growth Human

What happens to reality as our souls embody? Emergence goes hand in hand with soul embodiment. Is emergent life bound by the paradigm of time? My early effort to communicate from a shift in perception: The soul seeks an environment that permits its greatest creative freedom and power. I Am noticing that as the soul embodies it begins to create intervals of 'no time' or 'slowed down time' where it can have what is required to not only understand (read: see through) the old Earth reality, but to locate itself on an unchained arm of the spiral. I suspect that the unchained arm of the spiral is already in its early stages of being populated....... by us. Can you feel it?

I find it deeply disturbing and challenging to be incarnate on Earth without remembering unfallen light.....and allowing space for those memories to liberate me and offer that liberation to life. Current time constructs, albeit dismantling, do not support remembering what I believe is an incredibly grand vista of life beyond what we have been told. We have traditionally accessed 'beyond the veil' through shocking situations or moments of awe. Those moments do potentially change us, helping us to become transformed models of embodied Self. Yet those moments are often seen as once in a lifetime gifts from Source. I want to live in a world that expands those thresholds into Life itself. The old growth forests have held that Source light for us, and have transmitted it too. Slowing down time permits us to hear the invitation to the feast.

So much love.

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