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The first Wednesday of each month I facilitate a gathering to restore lost matrices of paradise states. Opening to this memory of freedom seems counter intuitive, doesn't it. As bombarded a civilization as we have become, don't we just want to close up and protect the soft, loving heart? Yet the effort to open our hearts and sustain that openness promises access to a left and right brain synthesis. I call that synthesis the language of the heart. We do remember beyond what we have been told is true. Opening to the freedom to live in touch with the Absolute is a conscious choice to purge deception, both conditioned story-telling from the old earth hierarchies and what we have incorporated that acts to deceive us from within. The language of the heart may be the 'still small voice within'. Not only is it possible to align with this voice, the choice to align activates our life force to contribute where it is so deeply needed: the golden era that even now is forming and calling to us remember and return. My knowing tell me this is true. May our sacred memories serve all life.

So much love.

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Jun 17, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

As always, you are a true wordsmith in how you express your thoughts and ideas. Sending love to you!


Jun 17, 2023

So much love to you Iris...I heartily agree...I love your amazing insights and am so grateful for you! xo

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