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Life, Unfettered

From a mountaintop, we remember our unrestrained Self. Seeing a large expanse of the earth acts to trigger the longing for totality. Its opposite has so many descriptive words: restricted, confined, shackled. I'm writing today to express the soul's guidance: letting go allows space for daring and the Fool's innocence and wonder. I want to gather creation outside of time-space and return that to life, unfettered, here and now. What is my contribution to that state? Letting go of what is outworn, I make room for ecstatic realms to enter and build life. I follow the bliss of the view on this mountain, and like the Fool, I step out. Wonder and innocence belong, and matter.

So much love.

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Janet Nielsen
Janet Nielsen
06 de jul. de 2023
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Even the word 'unfettered' brings me joy.

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