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A Spherical Life

Continuing the musings from the last blog, The Winter of Awakening, what is the longing-calling-inner summons that finds us immersed in awakening? It may be a question for contemplation, and your response may surprise you.

When there is a crack in old perception, and access to a new central point of awareness rises, life as connection returns. We remember life beyond the survival-rooted baseline. A whole new reality begins to form around connectedness and interdependence. We become less fearful, more compassionate and curious and aware. I suspect that fear is replaced by living what we value, and it is the values of sentient life as sacred that permit us to remember connection. Second question: what do you value? How does that value feel within your perfect Self?

My longing to be able to see from the memory of eternity has taken me on this wild ride. Thus, my central point is the eternal Self. Sometimes I feel like a ping pong ball, but there is something so true about access to this beautiful earth and her life as an eternal Being that for myself, this is what must be. The process has trap doors open into the underworld for soul recovery. I don't know another way to awaken and emerge without soul reclamation. Understanding the territory doesn't make it easier, yet there is emerging language to describe this alchemical wonder. This language supports a resting state for the rational mind and calls to our gladdening hearts. Restore, remember, return............

So much love.

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