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Trust is a River

My mentor Sr. Barb is with us this morning. She is suggesting that I write about trust. Since that state is not one of my more currently grounded places, I'm rolling my eyes at her. Mind you she is doing the same thing at me, from the heavens. But Barb knows me so well and can be a mirror for the spirit when things feel beyond my ability to fathom. Now is one such time.

Barb is insinuating something about trust as a state of Being. Yes we can actively choose to align with that state when we are strong enough, but what about when layers of fear or grief or anger are rising up as a result of the emergence process, or world events, or personal crises? I can hear her now: 'What do you think we are doing up here for all of you? We are reflecting Trust back to you as living wakeful Presence because you are actively immersed in release as one era gives way to the next.' She reminds me now that release is its own experience, but the work on trust we have done to get here has made it possible. And then our ancestors, mentors, and other spiritual helpers hold the line for us as we take the river to its destination.

So this isn't a post on remembering to choose trust. It is more akin to remembering we are held in the soul's alembic which is upheld by the vast network alive as the Field. Everyone that knows me has heard me say, 'I am holding on to the hem of God's garment.' Perhaps these words are a meaningful, soft cloak for today.

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