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Updated: Jul 30, 2022

I am being repeatedly visited by two youngish hawks. Red tail hawks are my totem. They are right here at the cottage, on the porch railing and in this little front yard. Aware that these visits are anything but normal, I began to watch and listen (engaging the Field for further synchronicity is my idea of fun). When the message of the hawks began to form around love as the path, there was an immediate obvious response from the mind. It shut down, knowing it could not contribute or control anything so outrageous as love messaging itself as the antidote to what occurs, now. Love says that this is to be a long sharing and it will reveal itself further over time as a living, waking Presence. If that Presence is Source, then perhaps a high frequency being/doing will emerge as the means to upending divisive reality inside of us.

Just yesterday I shared with a friend, a BQH colleague, about the enlightenment processes of Michael Roades and David Hawkins. Michael Roades healed himself as he enlightened. David Hawkins healed himself through the very radical and ongoing act of surrender, letting go. I resonate deeply with the trust and power inherent in such choices. I believe in the probable timeline where emergence occurs in the field of love. In their complete and absolute state, the hawks say so...............

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