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Inner Wilderness

On this wilderness trek I am not yet at the place where understanding is dawning. Extended and extensive inner journeys, those which are soul-orchestrated, are seemingly unbounded experiences....making such journeys often bewildering. The logic, if any, is unknown to me. Some call this realm the underworld, or the dark night. In astrology one might speak of twelfth house territory. At the beginning of this journey, I began to ponder Emergence as what occurs while doing diligence in the cave, or ashram, or psyche. Labeling was my effort to hold on, also known as egoic survival. In the middle of this journey I am met with a hall of mirrors. While I get that one is not supposed to cling to mirrored phantasmagoria, there is a second active level of mind, the Narrator/Judge. It perpetually describes why I am like 'this': you got sick, the world itself is in a dark night, your present process is the result of your choices on the Path (what does the mind know of any of that?), or my least favorite, you simply failed. I see why so many of us use words such as lost, confused, stuck, trapped. I surface for air and tell myself that extensive underworld forays are overseen by Source; thus none of us are ever, ever without guidance or protection.

I don't have anything yet to say about the end of the journey through inner wilderness. Since there is pure knowing that the return-to-3d-human ship has sailed without me, perhaps words will arrive in time to describe Iris' emergence. I simply wanted to write today should there be others who are deep in the forest, too. There is so much that we don't consciously remember about our soul's intent. So when the soul calls us to deeply embody, there appears quite inevitably an archetypal scene change: the deep woods.

So much love.

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