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There is a soul request to gather more often for work in the field. Being the obedient sort, I have agreed and am 'faith leaping'. June 4 at 11am Eastern by zoom is the initial effort to gather with people that just know their Presence is requested on behalf of humanity. This is what is understood so far: the restoration of lost matrices appears to require our showing up for something greater than us as human. If you read this and notice an internal response, please consider being part of this. It is free. The guidance for this first gathering is to open to the reconciliation of opposites. Our left brains are welcome to attend, actually I want them in attendance. My living prayer is for opposites to metamorphose because we began to make it possible by re-building the framework remembered from ancient and future days. I just know we remember how.

If you would like a zoom link, please send me an email:

If you are unable to attend but want a recording, please let me know at the above link.

I trust that gathering is a grounding mechanism to navigate the mystery. One of many offered by all who awaken.

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